The “People First” Candidate

Jerry is a native of Western Pennsylvania with deep roots in Pittsburgh. He has spent much of his career as an attorney fighting for greater economic mobility and access to affordable housing. He is also a law professor teaching constitutional law and property to the next generation of leaders at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Jerry is also one of the nation’s leading legal experts holding President Trump accountable for his executive actions: he has been invited to submit expert testimony before the U.S. Senate and he has published numerous national editorials, including in the Washington Post, on the illegality of President Trump’s proposals.

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Our Common Struggles

Jerry’s campaign is about addressing common economic and social struggles shared across our communities in the 18th District. Jerry strongly supports efforts for upward economic mobility, stronger workers’ rights, more affordable housing, access to low-cost healthcare and reforms to the criminal justice system. Jerry understands fighting and overcoming personal struggles — he began his life in the Orphans’ Court and the Allegheny County foster system. He was raised in a loving multiracial foster home with 10 other children, 8 of whom would be adopted. These are common struggles that tie the people of the 18th District together.

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No Corporate PAC Money

Jerry will not be accepting contributions from corporate PACs. The people need a fighter who can relate to their day to day struggles and who will put their immediate needs first in Congress, above those of corporate interests.